How do I pay?
We have teamed up with Fareharbor to provide an easy and secure booking experience.  Just click the “Book It” button.  If you do not wish to use a credit card, you will have an option to pay by can mail a check to Taste for Travel, P.O. Box 347, Wayne, PA 19087. Please make your check payable to Taste for Travel. Your check must arrive at least 2 weeks before the tour date. If your reservation is made within 2 weeks of the tour date, please provide a money order or bank check instead of a personal check. We do not accept cash.
Where do I meet you? What time does it start? What should I wear?
Should I bring a cooler or a market bag?
Can I make purchases during the tour?
I have food allergies. Can I still go on the tour?
What happens if I’m running late?
Where do I park and how much does it cost?
Are we still going if it’s raining or snowing?
Can I bring my children? Do kids get a discount?
Is there a group discount?
What if I can’t make it?
What are we eating? Where are we going?
How safe am I in the city? Is it safe at the Italian Market, East Passyunk Avenue and Chestnut Hill?
Are there any physical limitations to going on the tour?
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