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Brava Chef Jacquie!

“I had long grown tired of the cryo packed meats and pseudo Italian cheeses offered by the area I moved too and the long drive back to my old hometown to get the fresh ingredients I grew up with was getting old. Then by chance I saw Chef Jacquie’s tours advertised and contacted her with a challenge – help me find the genuine Italian ingredients that suit my tastes in the Philadelphia Italian Market. Not only did Chef Jacquie meet the challenge she exceeded it. After taking the time to listen to the ingredients I was seeking and my expectations for each, she led me to the exact store that would have them. You can tell by the respect the store owners give Jacquie that they recognize her as one of their own and are happy to do their best for her. We felt so welcomed by all and know Jacquie was the impetus behind the warm greetings and time given at each location. The custom culinary tour she arranged for me saved me hours of hit and miss shopping and gave me a roadmap for many wonderful Italian market shopping trips to come. A wonderful experience I would definitely recommend.”
Della80 on TripAdvisor

Taste of the Italian Market Tour – Nice to Hear the History

“I took my 8 year old daughter on this food tour with me last Saturday and we had a great time. When I made the reservations with Chef Jacquie I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about having an 8 year old on the tour, but she was very positive. As promised, Jacquie designated my daughter her assistant and made her feel very special with a food tour t-shirt, other gifts and special introduction at each stop we visited. I am from the area but haven’t been through the Market in a long time. I thought Jacquie did a nice job in chosing a variety of shops to visit and foods to taste. Since Jacquie grew up in South Philly she knows the owners of these establishments. We visited some classics like; DiBruno’s, Talluto’s, Fante’s, Pat’s Cheesesteaks and Isgro’s and others I didn’t know about like: a Torilleria where we tried black corn chips and spicy salsa, Bitar’s for homemade pita, hummus and falafel, Slice for delicious pizza (our group declined a second pizza with different toppings we were so full!). Yes, you could visit these places on your own but it was nice to hear the history about the places and the market in general and be greated at each stop with food to taste and more stories. I also did some shopping — 10% discount at most places, and rather than carry the 15 year old balsamic, aged parm., freshly made mozzarella from that morning, homemade pasta/sauces and pastries, I paid for them and picked them up on the way back to my car at the end of the tour. This tour is a great way to get to know, or reaquaint yourself, with the market. It is a fun way to spend the day with friends and family. In fact, the young couple on our tour was there for the second time and he brought his mother and father. Chef Jacquie remembered how much the young man had liked Pat’s so she brought him a Pat’s tshirt. Touches like this made the tour special and Jaquie was so energetic and fun you can’t help but enjoy. I’m glad my daughter now knows that there’s more to the Italian Market than Rocky!”
Michele Grimmig

Taste of the Italian Market Tour – South Philly a Dining & Destination Hot Spot

“A former Marconi chef hits the pavement to show residents and visitors the food, culture and people that make South Philly a dining and destination hot spot.”
Jess Fuerst, South Philly Review

Taste of the Italian Market Tour – An Insider’s View!

“Talk about an insider’s view! Chef Jacqueline Peccina-Kelly guides her tour groups through personal encounters reminiscent of a “Cheers” episode, where everyone really knows her name! Make sure your groups come hungry as stops along this tour include DiBruno Brothers, Talluto’s Pasta, Pat’s King of Steaks, Slice Pizzeria, and Isgro’s famous bakery….”
The Official Convention and Visitor’s Site of Philadelphia

Taste of the Italian Market Tour

“Jacquie, I’ve been back to Isgro’s and Pat’s since our culinary tour visit with my children and some of their friends — they had lots of fun!”
Alicia, Italian Market Tour, 2010

Taste of the Italian Market Tour

“Hey Jacquie, You might be pleased to know that Elaine, her daughter, Emma and I spent the morning in the Italian Market. We started with breakfast at Sabrina’s, and then tried to hit as many of the spots as you showed us on your last tour. By the way, that breakfast at Sabrina’s, well, actually the WHOLE menu, was amazing. Each of us bought things to take home, including a cheesesteak to go!”
Beth, Italian Market, 2010

Taste of the Italian Market Tour – Chef Jacquie is Vivacious and Energetic!

“We know when Jacquie is in the store! She’s vivacious and very energetic. Her visits to the Italian Market are always an interesting adventure for all.”

Tour of the Italian Market Was Awesome!

“I recently experienced Jacqueline’s tour of the Italian Market in South Philadelphia. It was awesome! Having been raised in the Italian market neighborhood, Jacqueline brings a perspective to her tours that is truly unique. She has knowledge and relationships with the owners of many of the stores we visited, giving us a very personal experience. Combined with the fact that she is a chef, we were able to gain insight into the best places to purchase food items. I highly recommend this tour!!”
Karen B., Phila, PA

Taste of the Avenue Tour – Chef Jacquie Treats Everyone Like Family

“Chef Jacquie treats everyone like family, and on her Taste 4 Travel tour along the Avenue, she becomes your favorite cousin—taking you behind the scenes at award-winning restaurants, sharing her story and learning about yours, and giving you tips on how to eat and enjoy decadent cuisine…”
Trish Adkins, Glouster Township Patch

Taste of the Avenue Tour….“Amazing!”

“I went on the Taste 4 Travel with Chef Jacquie and it was amazing. My husband and I tasted fantastic food and met inspiring, amazing, and sweet Chefs who cooked awesome tasting food. Chef Jacquie makes you feel so comfortable and makes it so much fun that you wish you could do the Taste 4 Travel tour at least once a week. I know we will do it again. We went on the tour Wednesday night and we were back down on Passyunk Avenue Friday and Saturday… Thanks again for a great time!”
Karen & Jack Flore, Plymouth Meeting, PA

Taste of the Avenue Tour….“a phenomenal dining EXPERIENCE!”

“Jen, Magnolia and I just had a phenomenal dining EXPERIENCE [Taste of the Avenue tour]…AWESOME-THANKS AGAIN!”
The Big Kahuna, WBCB 1490 AM, Levittown, PA

Taste of the Avenue Tour

“When you travel with Jacquie, you are completely emerged in the culture through food, art, history and wonderful interactions with the local people. Jacquie strikes a perfect balance between activity and relaxation and always finds something fun for everybody. Bon Voyage, Jacquie!!”
Marguerite, Newtown Square, PA


“Chef Jacquie knows her stuff! Whether its the food, culture, or great people, Chef Jacquie can tell you what your eating, who made it and how, and all about the history of where you are eating, which does what? It brings it all together and and to life for you. I went on two tours with Chef Jacquie, the tour of East Passyunk Ave and the Italian Market Tour and I must say I cannot wait to go again. I love food, and I love to understand it, and she is the right person to go to for information like that. The restaurants involved are amazing and it just makes you want to come back.”
Kristy Purnell, Smart CEO Magazine