Exciting Public Tour in Philadelphia, PA

So many memories are related to food; whether it’s a fine dining experience, a family gathering, or just a comfortable supper around the table with family. For centuries, food has been associated with pleasure. Our public tour in Philadelphia, PA is doing just that. We’re creating a memorable food experience, one taste at a time! You can also check out Chef Jacquie’s amazing recipe collection here.

The Italian Market is a culinary tasting adventure in South Philadelphia that you really shouldn’t pass up. Our advice is to come hungry because we don’t just window shop for food, we eat! You will be able to taste your way through the iconic Philly gourmet cheese shop and enjoy a perfect slice of authentic South Philly pizza.

You will stroll through the same places that famous chefs and cookbook authors stop when they visit. Spoil yourself by visiting the best cannoli you’ve ever tasted at a 110-year old bakery. Our food tour will give you the opportunity to meet fifth generation business owners and families that have built this community, ready and willing to share their love of South Philly, their food creations, and wares.

VIP Italian Market Tour

Although our Italian Market Tour is fantastic, you may enjoy a more intimate, exclusive VIP tour. You can experience an interactive, behind-the-scenes culinary experience that you will never find anywhere else. Chef Jacquie will open the doors backstage to this intimate and exclusive community.

On this local tour, the Basil Deluca’s kitchen, which is renowned for their meatballs and gravy, is a beautiful experience in itself. Located at the Villa Di Roma, you can be a guest at a private table so that you can enjoy their award-winning meatballs with a relaxing glass of wine. To end this exquisite meal, you will be enjoying the best ricotta cheese and chocolate chip cannoli you have ever eaten. Topping that off, Chef Jacquie will wrap up a surprise dessert for you to enjoy at home.

Enjoy the Experience of a Lifetime

Our tours are an excellent opportunity to enjoy a few hours of complete indulgence at some of the finest establishments South Philly has to offer. Tease you palette with world-famous cheese or sample the melt-in-your-mouth freshly baked cookies at a specialty bakery. You can experience true old-world Italian baking or the best pizza slices in South Philly.

Whatever your pleasures are, Chef Jacquie is just the guide you need to make this experience one you will never forget and never regret indulging in. Our tours vary in pricing and styles, and you can view the various private tour pricings available by visiting here. Booking is easy. Just click on the appropriate tour window, and you can reserve your amazing market experience there.

Contact our once-in-a-lifetime tour company today to embark on a wonderful culinary experience. We proudly serve Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area.

Public Tour in Philadelphia, PA

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