Cranapple Vinaigrette Recipe


August 6, 2016

Recipe by Chef Jacquie


Ingredients for Cranapple Syrup

Quart of apple cider

1 cup fresh cranberries

¾ cup sugar

1/8 cup chopped shallots

Ingredients for Vinaigrette

1-1/2 ounces apple cider vinegar

3 ounces extra virgin olive oil

4 ounces Cranapple syrup

Salt and pepper to taste


Directions for Cranapple Syrup

1Combine all ingredients in saucepan.

2Bring to a boil and then turn the heat down to a simmer.

3Reduce until a syrup consistency is achieved.

Directions for Vinaigrette

1In a self-contained jar/bowl add all ingredients.

2Shake vigorously.

3Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

This is the perfect salad for autumn and holiday dinners. I combine butter lettuces, fresh spinach leaves, diced apples, cranapple vinaigrette and crumbled Bleu cheese to top it off.