Craving a real culinary adventure in South Philadelphia?  

The Italian Market is where it’s at.

Fragrant with spices, artisanal cheese and freshly ground coffee, buzzing with the bustle of shop owners, locals and produce sellers, the Market is full of the hidden gems of the food scene in Philadelphia.




Your guide, Chef Jacquie, is a South Philadelphia native, born and raised just two blocks from the Italian Market, and a professional chef who grew up with most of the shop owners on 9th Street.

You’ll have a true insiders’ experience with Chef Jacquie as your guide to the best of the best!


Taste of the Italian Market Tour

The classic.

A culinary tasting adventure in South Philadelphia.

Come hungry.  We don’t just window shop for food on our tours…we eat! (Mangia!)


  • Taste your way through the iconic Philadelphia gourmet cheese shop.
  • Eat like a local and enjoy a perfect slice of authentic South Philly pizza.
  • Stroll through the place famous chefs and cookbook authors stop when they visit Philadelphia. Nationally recognized as one of the finest housewares shops in the industry. Get personalized recommendations for your home kitchen
  • Meet 5th generation business owners and employees—families that built this community ready to share their love of South Philly, their food creations and wares with you!
  • The best cannoli you’ve ever tasted is the sweetest ending at a 100-year old bakery


$60 per Guest

2.0 Hours

2- 50+ Guests


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Abbondanza Italian Market Tour

A tasting tour, professional food demos and a hearty sit-down lunch.

We’ll break bread at an Italian restaurant that’s been serving my community for over 100 years. Zagat rated, 7-time winner, Best of Philly.


  • You want more than just a taste? We’ve got you. Expect more of everything—bigger samples and more tastings than our classic “Taste of The Italian Market Tour”. Gourmet ingredients and delicacies not available anywhere else await you.
  • Professional food demonstrations. You’ll learn proper tasting techniques for extra virgin olive oil, expert spice blending tips and more!
  • Sit down with Chef Jacquie to a hearty lunch–world famous ‘gravy’ tops homemade pasta and meatballs. Relax with a glass of vino and savor the “real deal” of the country’s oldest family-owned Italian restaurant, serving South Philadelphia since 1900.
  • You’ll end on a sweet note with authentic cannoli at the best old-world Italian bakery.

$80 per Guest

2.5 hours

2 – 50+ Guests


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VIP Italian Market Tour

Intimate, exclusive.

Perfect for couples or small groups–

Behind-the-scenes, food demonstrations, and ALL of the perks.

A dream for foodies.


  • Everything our “Abbondanza Tour” offers, plus interactive behind-the-scenes culinary experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Chef Jacquie has your backstage pass to this intimate and exclusive community.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime tour of Basil Deluca’s kitchen, meatball and gravy maker at the famed Villa Di Roma. Pull up a chair at your very own table to dine on the chef’s award-winning meatballs and enjoy a glass of vino!
  • The sweetest ending is the best ricotta cheese and chocolate chip cannoli you’ll ever have. Chef Jacquie wraps up a surprise dessert for you to indulge in at home.


$125 per Guest

3 hours

2 – 10 Guests


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Isgro treats zozi

Dessert First Tour

For all those times your parents made you eat your peas first…

You’re a grown-up now. You deserve a few hours of total indulgence.

They say everything is good in moderation…but every now and again, you just need to have dessert first.


  • Open up your palette at an iconic cheese shop world-famous for its gourmet goodies and specialty foods. Expert cheese pairing—there’s nothing like something salty to go with your sweets!
  • Sample melt-in-your-mouth freshly baked cookies at a specialty bakery—you won’t believe they’re gluten-free!
  • Sip the perfect cup of Italian coffee to compliment authentic pizzelles, biscotti, gelato, and decadent chocolate covered apples—all made in-house.
  • Experience true old-world Italian baking at this South Philly institution — making the best cannoli you’ll ever taste since 1904.


$50 per Guest

1.5 hours

2 – 50+ Guests

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  • Chef Jacquie at Talutto's (2)