Najia's Mouthwatering Vegan Fruit Salad with Dairy Free CreamThis recipe is easy, delicious and quick to make.

• 4 cups of fresh cut up pineapple, Asian pears, peaches, grapes or other favorite fruits, in season
• 1 lb soft organic tofu (must be organic others are usually genetically modified)
•  6-8 ounces of frozen concentrated organic orange juice (I use Trader Joe brand)
• 1 cup pitted dates, cut up in small pieces or 3/ 4 cup organic sugar * (regular sugar is not vegan, it contains bone)
• 4 oz Tofutti vegan cream cheese or Tofutti vegan sour cream

Cut up fruit into bite size pieces, place in your favorite serving bowl. Put other remaining ingredients in a blender and process a few times at high setting. Pour over fruit, mix and serve in small dessert dishes.

Suggested Toppings: swirled raw cocoa syrup, vegan marshmallows, orange zest