Chef Jacquie Unearths Insider Secrets and introduces you to the Hidden Foodie Gems on her Culinary Walking Tours of East Passyunk

Get Ready for Your Taste Buds to Rejoice! 

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East Passyunk Avenue, named one of the “10 Best Foodie Streets in America” by Food and Wine Magazine, is Philadelphia’s contemporary Restaurant Row and a haven of upscale restaurants to tempt any palate.

While this iconic street near South Philadelphia’s Italian Market has strong Italian roots, it’s experienced a true food renaissance in the last decade, and now boasts elevated and daring cuisine from all over the world.



East Passyunk Avenue International Dinner Tour

An elevated international culinary experience designed to introduce you to the hidden gems of South Philly’s Restaurant Row— you’ll be bragging to your friends for years to come about this one-of-a-kind foodie adventure!

  • Charmed, I’m sure. Global Appetizers.
    We start our dinner tour with an elevated version of Philly’s favorite food creation, the cheese steak! Cheese steak potstickers paired with French Fries Poutine, served with a glass of wine at this local chic Italian Eatery

  • A Pleasure. The Main Course. 
    The Main course at this Zagat Rated restaurant will be an authentic Malaysian Feast, including sate with homemade dipping sauces and an aerated/pulled exotic tea demo. Will you be eating with you hands?
  • The Sweetest Ending. Dessert.The Sweetest Ending. Handcrafted Chocolate-cello and dessert pairing await you at this local Limoncello Shop where everything is created by hand.


$75 per Guest

2 hours

2 – 12 Guests

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Taste of East Passyunk Avenue Lunch Tour

Who are the people that matter most to you?  Gather your tribe and treat yourselves to time together lunching on one of the “10 Best Foodie Streets in America” on Philadelphia’s Restaurant Row.  This is a private tour…we don’t throw you in with a group of strangers that signed up for a time slot somewhere.

You’ll savor the exclusive company of your friends or family and some of the best food Philly has to offer with a professional chef as your guide on this fun, exciting, and of course, mouthwatering lunch-time walking tour of East Passyunk Avenue.   

Our East Passyunk Lunch Tour includes:

  • Brunch Bites at a cafe that’s become the community hub for friends and family…make sure you say “Pash-yunk” like the locals do.
  • An All-American Lunch done right!  – Mickey D’s ain’t got nothin’ on this contemporary burger joint!
  • A Specialty Libations Shop with SIX rotating taps featuring limited releases & seasonal favorites from the world over.
  • Dessert Delights at a darling bakery that all began with “a sweet tooth and a dream”…and trust me, you’ll be dreaming about these cookies!Chef Jacquie takes the guesswork out of creating an authentic Philadelphia foodie experience for your friends or family that you’ll always remember.
  • KID Friendly option available!


“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.”


$60 – Adults/ $30 Children (12 and under)

2 hours

2 – 12 Guests

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