Chef Jacquie's Picky Eater Tip Guide1. Avoid announcing s/he is a picky eater; it reinforces poor behavior.

2. Don’t force children to eat. Instead, ask them to take two bites of a new food and then they can eat what they want.

3. Avoid sneaking ingredients into their foods.

4. Allow your child/ren to participate in food selection, shopping, and preparing meals.

5. Allow children to play with their food. Make food look appealing and fun.

6. Expose children to a wide variety of foods from an early age.

7. Encourage the child to connect with food by eating together as a family, not in front of the TV.

8. Have healthy snacks available for children: fruit, cheese, nuts, and veggies with dip.

9. Talk about healthy food and what it does. Ex: protein makes you get big and strong.

10. Avoid artificial food substitutes like Pediasure, instead offer nutrient rich whole foods.

Happy Healthy Eating!