Yummy Hot CocoaWhen we think of Valentine’s Day and food it brings visions of rich, sensual, decadent desserts and sweets. This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the normal box of chocolates or room temperature dessert and put some heat into your celebration with the most incredible hot cocoa ever!

Chef Jessie, owner of Belle’s Cakery (www.bellecakery.com) and the co-owner and the Pastry Chef at Fond Restaurant, created an over-the-top yummy hot cocoa that is so thick you could eat it with a spoon. The first time I tasted Chef Jessie’s Hot Cocoa, it was a cold night in October and this cup of liquid aphrodisiac made the three-block walk memorable. It was the thickest hot cocoa I have ever tasted in my life, the perfect melding of cocoa, milk, and sugar, yum! With such rich, deep, intense cocoa flavor, you don’t need a whole cup, half was plenty. It is creamy in your mouth and keeps you warm, sort of sticks to your ribs…in the liquid form that is!

If you would like to taste Chef Jessie’s confectionery delights, please call Chef Jacquie at (610) 506-6120 to set up a dessert tour of South Philly.