You Are What You Eat!Chef Jacquie welcomes DeBBIE Feeser, a licensed Aesthetician servicing AME Salon and Spa, to the community. Enjoy!


When I speak of Chef Jacquie, one outstanding thing comes to mind — delectable Italian food! Ok maybe two things…delectable Italian food and how great it is on the palette but also how great it is for the skin. As a licensed Aesthetician of 24 years I can’t help but consider the two as one! I mean after all, didn’t Grandmom always say “you are what you eat!” Little did she know the enormity of the truth of her words!

Gravy or sauce? And of course,always a little red vino. So how exactly do the ingredients in gravy (as my family refers) and in red wine relate to a great complexion?

Tomatoes contain wonderful nutrients such as vitamin C and lycopene. These powerfful anti-oxidants when applied to the skin during a facial provide huge anti-aging and protective qualities! Now I’m not saying that I’m going to smooth gravy all over your face, but the creams that I choose contain the same wonderful de-age ingredients!

Red wine (which no respectable Italian household would be without) contains a wonderful ingredient called Resveratrol which is an amazing anti-aging ingredient found in the skin of the red grape. In one of the facials I do at AME spa and salon, resveratrol is in the creams and masques that I smooth on your face and neck.

So there it is…getting facials that include nutrients found in food is not only good for the pallette but for the face as well! You’ll find me on Facebook under FEESER Facials at AME. Thank you, Chef Jacquie! See you soon!

DeBBIE Feeser, LE

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