Seriously. I know…you’re probably surprised right now even reading that. But. It’s true.

Any Philadelphia history buff worth their salt will tell you…when the Italians came to South Philly they arrived into what might as well have been called Irish Town.

The area of 9th Street was populated with mostly Irish immigrants at the end of the 1800’s.

It didn’t get dubbed the Italian Market until the 1970s!

9th Street Philadelphia Italian Market

In honor of that (and you know, because it’s MARCH), we’ve got to talk about some Irish food.

One of the coolest things about the Italian Market today is that there’s a beautiful fusion of cultures…it really is a melting pot and we’re celebrating with different food heritage!

Something that Irish and the Italians have in common is their Catholic Faith.

And this brings me to two saints. Let me introduce you to Pat and Joe.

Saint Patrick and Saint Joseph, respectively, for those who aren’t familiar

Two South Philly favorites both coming at you with feast days in March. We’ve got St. Pat’s on the 17th and St. Joe’s on the 19th.

And in South Philly, feast days means it’s time to FEAST, literally.

That’s why it’s the PERFECT time for you to join me on my Abbondanza Italian Market Tour because this month I’m focusing on Irish AND Italian foods…how does this sound…

Cheese samples

Generous samples of Irish cheeses AND Italian cheeses.

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Enjoy a glass of beer or wine

Your choice of a glass of beer OR a glass of wine on our culinary walking tour of the Market.

Pasta at Ralph’s

Hearty Italian lunch at Ralph’s

A hearty Italian lunch at Ralph’s, established in 1900 and the oldest family owned Italian restaurant in the country! Talk about history!










Cannoli AND Irish Potatoes for your sweet tooth.


Feast with Chef Jacquie!

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Here are some of my fave Irish and Italian recipes for you to try this month!

Cabbage Aglio and Olio

Cabbage Aglio and Olio

Is there anything more Irish than cabbage? Here’s a recipe with an Italian twist.
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Chicken Saltimbocca alla Romana

Chicken Saltimbocca alla Romana

So. Typically. Roman.
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Erin Go Bragh Soup

Erin Go Bragh Soup

Perfect for St. Patty’s day.
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Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

Take ‘em to your next party! So good!
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Enjoy! And let’s raise a glass to good ole’ Pat and Joe!

Salute! Sláinte!