blog_turkeytipsAre you the host of the annual Thanksgiving family dinner? Are you cooking the dinner? Do you feel a little anxious, maybe have a few questions?

Well, feel free to ask me!  

I thought I could give some pointers to help out with the turkey.

Basting Tip: Do you like to baste your turkey with butter? Place flavored butter underneath the skin, instead of on top. I use herb butters, and they are super easy to prepare. Bring the butter to room temperature and don’t be afraid to use your freshly washed hands to incorporate chopped herbs you like, such as parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, or marjoram. While you are preparing the turkey, gently separate the skin from the flesh and fill the space in with herb butter….ahhh, self-basting, this means more time for you, and that’s always a plus!!!!

In fact, use all the time you’ll save to make yourself one of these babies…


Yes.  That is a Caramel Apple Mimosa.  So much holiday goodness.

Makes 2
2 champagne flutes (chilled)
1 ounce salted caramel vodka
Apple cider
Fresh roasted peanuts (crushed fine)
Apple slices for garnish

For the rim – place a few peanuts in a sealable sandwich bag and and crush peanuts with a rolling pin or bottom of a heavy pan, until fine and then place on a small paper plate.  Dip the rim of a champagne flute in the caramel and dip in the crushed peanuts and then place in fridge to chill until ready to serve.

Place half ounce of vodka in each glass.  Fill with apple cider 2/3 of the way and then fill rest of flute with champagne.

Make a small slit in apple slices and place on edge of rim.


I also wanted to share my Mother-in-Law’s family stuffing recipe for you to enjoy this holiday season. Stuffing is quick and easy; you can’t go wrong, if it’s too dry add more liquid, too moist add more bread. If you are using canned/boxed broth or stock, check the sodium content before adding extra salt.

If you fill your turkey with stuffing it can become an incubator of germs. When checking turkey’s internal temperature, remember the stuffing should read 165 degrees too!


I remember my Chef at the Restaurant school telling us the day after Thanksgiving was the highest incidents of food poisoning at hospitals. Click here for FDA Guidelines on handling Turkey.

I can’t wait to see your holiday meals!  I’d love it if you posted in our Community Facebook Page right here! 

From our famiglia to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!




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