Before I get too busy cooking, touring and mingling in my wonderful, South Philly neighborhood of exceptional restaurants and friendly shops, I want to share some wonderful memories of the wonderful food, the flavorful wines and the artistic landscapes from our annual, culinary tour de France. The memories and the tastes will last me until next year when I will take another fun group to France for eight, glorious days of food, wine, and friendship.

Next year’s culinary tour is already set for departure on Saturday August 31, 2019, and we will return on Monday, September 9, 2019! You will be breaking bread, toasting fine wines, and cultivating new friendships in Burgundy, Champagne, and Paris.

Your Tour of France Begins with Great Food, Fine Wines and New Friends in France’s Burgundy Region

Burgundy is one of France’s amazing regions that is known for its flourishing countryside, food, and wine. If you can imagine a landscape that is quilted with vineyards, you will be able to envision this region’s terrain. With flowing rivers and freshwater ponds and lakes, the soils of Burgundy is rich for growing its bountiful grapes. The beauty of this region will take your breath away, and you will leave your “fast-paced” life here in America. You will enjoy slowing down and having the time to take in every moment of a region rich with a history of its people and its wines.


our of France- Chambolle-Musigny is a commune in the Côte-d'Or département in eastern France.

This exceptional region is also known for its delicious, local dishes such as escargot, pork with mustard sauce, white asparagus and so much more. One of our stops will be Burgundy’s capital, Dijon. Dijon is the place to taste its famous, traditional mustard. We’ll be tasting other unique, mustard flavors like pesto or cassis mustards.

Chef Jacquie and friends in Dijon


Food and Wine tasting in Dijon

We rest, we eat, we drink and we repeat…

As so many people know, France is known for its palatable, fine wines. Burgundy’s Cote d’Or is where great wines are made. Cote d’Or is divided into two wine regions, and we’ll be enjoying great foods, great wines and relaxing with friends.

One of Cote d’Or’s regions is La Cote De Nuits. Here, we will be making a favorite stop at Clos de Vougeot, a wall-enclosed vineyard. You will learn about this region’s lush wine history, and be ready to sample of the world’s finest wines. We will be enjoying private wine tastings beginning with a cocktail tasting and we’ll be indulged with a delectable, food tour.

Cote d’Or’s other region is La Cote De Beaune, where we will get hands-on experience cooking great French cuisine at a cooking class that will begin at Beaune’s weekly outdoor market.

French radishes


Beaune Market


From the market, we will continue to cook a 7-course meal at a quaint, cooking school.

All together now!!


Cooking class in Burgundy


Cooking class – Cheese soufflé


Dinner is served


Our masterpiece


When it’s all ready to be served, we all sit and share an authentic meal paired with wines and champagne.



Our dinner!


To start your mind wandering and your taste buds craving, the menu may include gougères, cheese soufflé, white asparagus, and strawberry cake.

Don’t worry, you’ll have a break from food and wine with downtime to explore local museums and other picturesque sites. One place that will take you back to the 15th century is the Hospice of Beaune. There, you will find an endearing history that will touch your soul and will remain etched in your mind.

Reach Out

It’s never too early to send me a note and inquire about next year’s culinary tour of France or sign up for our France trip newsletter! I’m always excited to share my memories of the wonderful people, the historical sites, the breathtaking landscapes and rivers, the unbelievable food and the wonderful wines. I could go on and on describing this beautiful region of France. You don’t want to miss Part II with even more delicious plans for next year’s taste-inspired tour.

If you are a foodie, and you love traveling to new places, I would love to have you join me next August for eight, memorable days. Eight days of unforgettable moments that will fill your memory album with pictures of great food, fine wines, and new friends.

It’s easy to contact me, and I hope to have you join me for the most delicious “tour Culinaire de France.”


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Chef Jacquie


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