Tis the SeasonIt’s the end of the farmer’s market season, but don’t let that keep you away!   Stay healthy and keep farmers in business by buying local and fresh.  Bring the kids, especially your picky-eaters, and have them choose what they would like for dinner; make it a family day.

There are some great options at the farmers’ market besides organic produce –pies, the freshest dairy products, eggs, cheeses, honey, chocolate, vinegar, and sausage – all made by the local artisans.

In my frequent explorations of farmers’ markets, in Philly, Lancaster, Jersey, and the Main Line, nothing tastes better than when a food is in season.  Right now oranges, potatoes, squash, leeks, Brussels sprouts, apples, parsnips, celery root, cauliflower, and fennel are at their best.  If nuts (not the family kind) are what you love most, chestnuts and walnuts are available, either whole or baked into succulent pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, and muffins.

At the Bryn Mawr farmers’ market, fair trade coffee beans are available. The coffee isn’t grown locally (obviously), but it is locally-roasted, and comes from importers who specialize exclusively in organic, bird-friendly, sustainable sources.

Food makes a great hostess gift!  For example, buy all the fresh ingredients, put them together in a basket, and include your favorite recipe.  Tie a ribbon around it and voila, you have a great holiday present.

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