Chocolate Cookies and MilkAfter last summer, I can safely say I’ve seen it all! One night our office was hit by lightning, leaving me with a fried computer, alarm system, thermostat and air conditioning. I was not only hot, but I had to write down all my work by hand, which took so much more time than it would if I were typing. By the time I finished, it was 2am and boy was I hungry! I had spent the last few hours working, calling and leaving messages for contractors and electricians to come fix the mess before I left for vacation and didn’t think to stop and eat. When I checked the fridge, there was only a container of almond milk to be found, and even then, there was only a glass.

As luck would have it, the milk triggered a memory lodged in the recesses of my mind—earlier that day, I had seen a flier for Insomnia Cookies. The biggest grin came over my face as I rummaged through the mail digging for the flyer in hopes of finding the phone number. My smile got bigger the moment I found it because, there in big print was their advertisement—they DELIVER UNTIL 3AM! Lucky me!

They brought warm, fresh cookies right to my door! I remember thinking to myself, “This could be really, really, really BAD!” You may not be safe from the temptation of fresh cookies either—from what I understand, they’re not just available in the city of Philadelphia and it’s suburbs. They have locations in Washington DC, New York and who knows how many other places!

Insomnia Cookies gets their name from their delivery hours—they’ll bring you cookies until 3AM! At $1.35 each, they’re perfect for students that are staying up all night cramming for exams. You can also get deluxe cookies for $2.75 a piece, or a dozen basic cookies for $14. That may seem like a lot of money if you are used to baking cookies yourself, but who wants to bake late at night when you suddenly find yourself craving chocolate chip? And what if you’re a student who can’t bake and all the stores around you have been closed for hours?

Want to make friends with your entire dorm? Try the Residential Special, which is 50 cookies for $52. You can buy enough cookies to make friends with everyone on your floor and then some! If you’re craving more than standard cookies, they also have frozen desserts like cookiewiches and cookie cakes for pre-order. They deliver to local colleges and universities too – and you can order milk, water or even chocolate milk.

Granted they are a little priceY and charge a delivery fee, but for an occasional splurge or emergency, it really doesn’t matter. They give you a current delivery estimated delivery time so you can track your order. Don’t live near Philly? They also ship nationwide and if you really want to save the delivery fee you can pick-up – my location is approximately 5.3 miles from my house – I double checked on my GPS!

So, the next time you get a late-night craving for cookies and don’t feel like baking, check out Insomnia Cookies. But, if you’re okay with a late-night baking session, check out my Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies!