"Shakedown" at the New Blender“I bet mine are better than yours”…a challenge? I recognized him — 6 foot+, native South Philly bad boy, all grown up now, clean shaven, packing vanilla soy milk and low fat yogurt!

At first, I laughed at this pseudo milkshake…as good as the real thing? Like all chefs, we love a challenge, so I took him up on his milkshake showdown, or should I say, “Shakedown!” I checked the ingredients, as I went down the list…soy milk…

The recipe was easy.

• 1 banana (just when sugar spots start to appear)
• 1 low fat vanilla yogurt
• 1 cup of vanilla soy milk (chocolate soy milk is another option, like a frozen chocolate covered banana)
• Ice cubes – fill the blender 1/3 way with ice cubes (1/2 of that should be crushed)
• 1/2 to 1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon

Put ice in blender, crush for 5-10 seconds; then add ingredients and sprinkle in cinnamon while blending — lots of cinnamon!

The 1st attempt: kids ate the bananas, back to the supermarket.

The 2nd attempt: got blender, bananas, yogurt and ice cubes — what happened to the chocolate soy milk, kids??

The 3rd attempt: I had to use the vanilla soy milk; it seems I can’t keep the chocolate soy milk in the refrigerator for more than a few hours – all in the blender…oh no, the blender broke!

The 4th attempt: bought a high tech “bad girl” Ninja blender and success, success, success!

Ninja blenderI guess the joke is on me; this is an excellent frozen drink! It is lighter than a milkshake, you can drink more and not feel full. The ice made it a perfect thirst quencher, and it’s healthy. It made me want to investigate soy milk; I found out a few facts about soy milk. Not only is it great for your bones and for preventing osteoporosis, it also helps reduce night sweats and hot flashes…amen!

If you are like me and can’t eat breakfast — it’s either too heavy or sweet — this is a good option. I actually had this for breakfast and it doesn’t upset my stomach; it didn’t make me queasy or feel like I just ate a 500 pound moose.

However, no matter how heavenly this “cinnful” concoction is, it is not a milkshake, my friend; it’s more like Vanilla Ice! Will I make it again? YES! It tastes great, is healthy, refreshing and the family likes it! Thanks for the new recipe! The kids are experimenting with new flavors like peaches, raspberries, strawberries and chocolate/peanut butter.

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