As you all know, I have been on the road with my daughter visiting colleges.  During our travels we have been very lucky and have stumbled upon some culinary gems.

I don’t know about you, but I love to eat small or share big plates with someone.  After visiting Skidmore College, we decided to go into town for a bite before we leave to visit the next college.

If you have never been to Saratoga Springs, I suggest next time you are close enough – stop by and take a gander.

I asked everyone for recommendation – Director of Admissions, tour guides, hotel concierge . . .  whomever I spoke to!

On this particular day, the general consensus was that “Ravenous” is the place to have a wonderful lunch — consistent, convenient and they specialize in crepes!

We searched and found this tiny crepe maker – once I looked at the menu, I knew we were in for a great lunch – some of the selections available:
• Upper West Sider, which features Nova Scotia Salmon
• Taj Mahal features Indian Curry
• Chile con crepe – yeah you get the idea

Not only do they serve savory crepes, they also make Belgian Pommes Frites.  Have you ever had these? I will admit, they are one of my weaknesses and here they serve it with your choice of 12 dipping sauces . . . Culinary Heaven!

And, they also make sweet crepes filled with all sorts of ingredients like Nutella, lemon curd, caramel and fresh fruits and with names like Strawberry Fields, Banana-Fo-Phana, and Crepe Antoinette.

It makes dessert even more fun —

The wait staff are knowledgeable about all their products and serve you with a smile on their face.

By the time you finish reading their clever menu, you are “Ravenous!”

Check out Ravenous at www.ravenouscrepes.com

If you like crepes, you can taste them on our Taste of Wayne tour! The new tour starts September 1st—stay tuned for more information.