Raspberry VinegarVinegar has been around for thousands of years, they found traces of it in Egyptian urns dating from 3000BC.  Vinegar is made from sugar, lasts indefinitely due to its acidity level and doesn’t require refrigeration.  It has many uses from cleaning to medical click on here for more information.

According to our polls, raspberry vinegar is your favorite vinegar, hands down.  Our recipe for raspberry vinaigrette gets the most hits from you, click here for recipe.  You know a good thing when you taste it!  I use only the best ingredients and my favorite raspberry vinegar is Huliers de Framboise from France.  I discovered this elixir during my culinary apprenticeship tour of France.  Raspberry vinegar creates that special contrast of sweet and sour; which is a hot culinary trend now.

Not too many places carry this vinegar, DiBruno Brothers does, but only receives eight shipments each year.  If you would like to purchase a bottle of this unique vinegar take our next tour.  You can purchase it with a 10% discount exclusively for guests of Chef Jacquie.

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