New Year's Resolutions: Make Me Hungry Like the Wolf!

Photo courtesy Sabrina Kelly

Happy New Year! Do you feel like I do, ready to hibernate until spring? What is it about winter and wanting to only eat and sleep? Now it’s time to pay the piper, or should I say the personal trainer…

I don’t believe in dieting. Since I was a child I have heard so many people talk about dieting and then complain how hungry they are; eventually returning to their old eating habits. I will admit that I ate a lot of rich foods this year and I am cutting back on the rich foods in January – I will make a conscious effort to eat more salads and vegetables.

I am adding avocado, quinoa, Cento Italian tuna, tofu and hummus to my salads; it makes salads more robust and satisfying. Avocados and hummus have a great texture, almost like a creamy dressing. Quinoa is one of my favorite grains, full of protein, Italian tuna; especially Cento’s tuna in olive oil is excellent in salad.

If salad is not enough, how about substituting a whole wheat pita for your treasured baguette or roll and begin with avocado or hummus instead of mayo; I like using grilled vegetables, chicken, onions, cucumbers and lettuce, which makes a most satisfying sandwich.

Have you made any resolutions? I would love to hear them, send me an email.

Enjoy my new recipe: Grilled Chicken, Hummus and Arugula Wrap.

Chef Jacquie