New Year, New You! That’s the cliché that’s ringing through my head and this year so far…how about you? I’ve been seeing it everywhere. But I’ve been thinking about it and what that could really mean…

The New Year is a chance to re-invent ourselves, to wipe the slate clean and start fresh like the fallen snow.  It’s a chance to recommit to our ideals or to make room for a new vision.

The thing about that is….it takes some real energy for this kind of reboot, and I hear all the time from people that the resolutions they make the first week of January just don’t stick for the rest of the year.  Here’s what I think about that:

After a month of preparing for the holiday, or like most people, actually three or four celebrations in a row—we’re EXHAUSTED.

You have to be tired by now…especially if you’re like me, and the one in charge of doing these things—everything from the food, to the gifts, to the decorating, to sending out cards, and cleaning and hosting and then cleaning again…

All these beautiful, lovely things we do to make the holidays shine, can—let’s be honest here–really take a toll on you!

Of course it’s hard to stick to a new year, new you in the New Year–you’re so tired you don’t even feel like the old you!

You can get dehydrated…what if you’re allergic to pine—huh? (hello, asthma for an entire season, but hey—who can resist those signs…”have a REAL Christmas, get a REAL tree?”—I know, I’m a glutton for punishment, ha!), and stress!  Stress can wreak havoc on the body…it can dull your hair, dry out or break out your skin, complicate your digestion, and all kinds of things like that…no wonder we end up wrung out and super critical of ourselves this first week of the year…and then we stress ourselves out even more trying to come up with a list of resolutions!

So here’s what I say:

As soon as everything is done and everything is put away—it’s time FOR YOU.  I want you to just completely shutdown and make the time to have an entire day that is just about YOU. The first resolution that you should make this year is to commit to YOURSELF first.

Self-care is sacred, not selfish.

And you know why?  Because the truth is that when we make the time to take impeccable care of ourselves first, we can care for everyone else in our lives even better.  So everybody wins.

I have some ideas for your day…

Start out and do something really decadent to nurture yourself—make yourself steak and eggs or something equally hearty and mouthwatering for breakfast.  Nourish yourself right. I’ve included some of my most decadent recipes at the bottom for you if you need some inspiration for any meal!

Then, time to use those gift cards. Go to the spa.  Get a massage. I adore 3000BC WellMed Spa, and highly recommend their award winning signature HydraFacial MD. Go get your manicures and your hair done. Use up those presents.  If you love to shop…shop for YOURSELF—don’t shop for the house, or someone else…spoil yourself this week—truly. Treat yourself to some beautiful body or skin care products to pamper yourself at home or buy those fabulous boots you’ve been eyeing that you know you will feel phenomenal strutting around in.



Because you know what—these acts of indulgence right now are really acts of self-love.  Which is exactly what we all need after we pulled off the holidays! And… these actions are going to be an indicator of what the rest of the year is going to be like—let’s start 2017 out the right way!



After you’re done your day of pampering, get yourself fixed up—spend the time to look and feel your best—and then meet up with your significant other, your hubby, lover, or your girlfriends and have a really nice dinner—and definitely have dessert! (In fact, I just curated a brand new, Dessert First Tour which would be the perfect sweet ending to your “You Day”!)

Indulge yourself and make yourself feel like you’re worth a million bucks…because you know what?

You are.

Take a deep breath.  Exhale. Let go of everything that was bad or stressful or painful in 2016. Honor the strength that brought you through.  Inhale the future that starts with you. Take care of you.

With love and all the hope the new year has to bring,


PS: Want to check out my ultimate decadent recipe round-up?  Here are my top picks to whip up some goodness just for YOU:

Pasta with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

Potato Leek Soup

Bourbon Shrimp and Cheesy Grits

Braised Short Ribs

And for dessert:

Cannoli Cake with Ricotta Filling and Chocolate Ganache

Guava Cheesecake with Toasted Coconut

Rum Balls