Mekong River Restaurant ReviewI was pleasantly surprised when I walked into this local neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant. Initially, I noticed the wafting smell of fish sauce, with its heavy aroma; its pungent smell permeated and intoxicated me, “Chef Jacquie’s” nose knows!

I received a warm greeting the moment I entered the eatery. I was also presented with a hot pot of tea and a smile. The decor is average with an inviting color scheme with calming shades of caramel upon the trendy exposed brick walls. I also noticed numerous local diners from the community; exactly what you want to see in a restaurant!

My meal began with crispy spring rolls accompanied by lightly pickled, crinkle cut carrots & parsnip medley, crisp and cold in contrast with the steaming hot spring rolls. For my dipping pleasure, a spicy fish & ginger sauce with shredded parsnips and carrots had “Chef Jacquie” dancing in her chair. The parsnips were my favorite, crispy and full of flavor!

My main course was Bun Thit Nuong (charbroiled beef on rice vermicelli), a soup full of flavor assembled from lemongrass and fish sauce, a creative yet simple, fragrant and tasty dish. Dessert was fried bananas wrapped in thin wonton wrappers, deep fried and served with French vanilla ice cream…yum!

The food was satisfying; however repetitive use of the same vegetables; predominately carrots, onions, green peppers and fish sauce was somewhat boring. Culinary ennui is no joking matter! So, without further ado, Chef Jacquie gives Mekong River Restaurant 1-3/4 Chef Jacquie hats and a finger snap.

Address: 1120 S. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 215-467-6100