Happy Summer, beautiful people! I couldn’t be more excited to share that I’ve been featured in the summer issue of Edible Philly. Is this cover gorgeous or what? Makes me want to pull up a chair and dine al fresco in the city.

(East Passyunk, anyone? 😉 )



The talented Joy Manning interviewed me for the magazine’s “Cookshelf” series.  I invited Joy to a cocktail party for Les Dames d’Esoffier at my fellow Dame, Susanna Foo’s  fabulous restaurant, Suga, a few months ago.
Joy is a joy and a new Dame as well!   She and I really got to sit down and connect that evening, and she told me she would love to learn more about the Italian Market…so of course!  I took her on a tour soon after that.

For Edible, Joy asked me to share one of my go to recipes from a cook book on my shelf .  You know me.  I went old school!  When I first started cooking in my early twenties, I went with the simple stuff. I was a working girl, (workin 9-5…cue the Dolly!). By the time I got home to Kevin at night it would be close to 7 o’clock, and I really only had about a half an hour to cook every evening if we were going to get some quality time together.

Martha Stewart had this quick and simple cookbook and it was perfect for the beginner cook—and that was me. The year was 1988, and it’s one of Martha’s first cookbooks. In fact, Joy asked if they could photograph my copy, because it’s out of print! Here it is!



My family always was just straight Italian food. They made nothing BUT Italian food. —every time I’d go out on my own, in the city or with my girlfriends to eat, I’d always try different things…I have always liked to experiment with different cuisines and ingredients from different cultures.

So when I saw that Martha, in her cookbook had a twist on the classic sausage and peppers by adding Japanese Eggplant to it…I just had to try that…I thought that was like, SO COOL. And I’ve been serving it like that ever since. It really is good. And when I can’t find Japanese eggplant,  I use graffiti eggplant…you need a long, thin eggplant—even the white eggplant can work. And every once in a while I’ll throw a hot pepper in there!

It was nice going back to that simple little recipe and having some nostalgic moments.  Pick up your copy of Edible Philly and get my twist on this great recipe!



Thanks to the wonderful photographer, Rebecca McAlpin, who came to my home to take these gorgeous shots.

One more thing!  I wanted to answer a question that Joy had about my favorite places to get fresh sausages here!

I can’t pick.  So here are my top 4 butchers from my neighborhood for the best product around:


2. Esposito’s 

3. Martins Specialty Sausages

4. Cannuli’s 

Want to check out the delicacies these fantastic family owned businesses have to offer?  Let me take you behind the scenes and help you hand select just what you need for your next family dinner or BBQ this summer.  Check out my tours of the Italian Market!


Chef Jacquie