HOW 'BOUT THEM APPLES!I ate dinner at my friend Josephine’s house the other evening and for dessert she served apples.  Her brother brought her a large bag of apples; she was concerned they would go to waste, since she only cooks for herself.  I assured her there are plenty of things to cook and bake using apples like muffins, stuffing, applesauce, baked apples, cakes, caramel apples and, of course, diced and thrown into salad and served with a cranapple vinaigrette. Click here for the featured recipe.

Josephine posed a few more questions for me too!  She loves pork chops and asked for a few side dish suggestions?  Try making homemade applesauce, click here for the recipe, (click here for recipe) or sliced apples, sautéed in butter and cinnamon.

There are so many varieties of apples which ones do you choose?  Have an apple tasting for dessert, slice up a few types of apples and place in a bowl of acidulated water (large bowl of water with juice of ½ lemon, it will keep the apples from getting brown, if left in too long will make the apples mushy) and then place a few bowls on your table full of melted caramel, chopped nuts, melted chocolate, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, etc… this is a great dessert to enjoy at Halloween and Autumn birthday parties.  Some are better eaten raw and some better cooked, for more info on choosing and varieties of apples, click here.

I will be at the Bryn Mawr Farmers’ Market Saturday October 29th, stop by and visit me.  We’ll go apple shopping and tasting together!