First Day Back to School!Wow, can’t believe it’s already the first day back to school. I am sure a lot of you have first-day-back-to-school traditions. I was on Facebook this morning and saw all sorts of back to school pictures from Pre-K to college. The funniest one I received was a cartoon containing two pictures; the first was of a teacher yanking a child away from his Mom on his first day of kindergarten and the other is the dad yanking the mom away from her child the first day of college.

So did your day start out with your child’s favorite breakfast? What did you make? Our tradition is chipped beef on toast with home fries and chocolate milk. And so starts the school year with lots of ideas for breakfasts and lunches to make this year.

My son, who started college, has scoped out his neighborhood at school and has concluded that his aunt’s house is literally 8 minutes from school and his nonna’s house is only 12 minutes away…lunch will be good for the next four years!

Do you pack your child’s lunch? Does your child have favorites like peanut butter and jelly or are they adventurous eaters? Through the years I have packed so many lunches I can’t even remember; my children’s favorite is still chicken cutlets either in a sandwich or cut up. What’s in your child’s lunchbox? I would love to know, please take our poll, it will only take a few seconds, I promise.