Crispy Calamari!Does the mere mention of crispy calamari send you into an eating frenzy? What are the first images that come to mind? Tender calamari with thick batter, deep fried and served with marinara sauce? Well, I have a twist on this classic for you!

The Calamari at 333 Belrose, located in Radnor, serves the best! I am not sure what Chef Carlo DeMarco puts in his calamari, but after tasting a few of his crispy delights you immediately develop an addiction. You can call me a crispy calamari addict!

The perfect fried calamari are crisp with a thin coating of salt and pepper batter mixed with thinly sliced jalapenos and placed in oil for a lavish bath. What emerges is pure culinary heaven! Chef Carlo makes a pumpkin aioli – think homemade garlic/pumpkin mayo, scrumptious and a nice change from the traditional marinara sauce.

333 is one of my favorite local haunts. I love their bar, the staff is friendly; especially Mike, the bartender, who is attentive. He always knows your name and makes you feel comfortable. I try to plan meetings here so I can enjoy the calamari and recruit other calamari addicts into my Secret Crispy Calamari Society!

My problem is, that I love the calamari at 333 Belrose so much; sharing these little morsels with anyone is a dilemma! Solution, two orders of the crispy calamari!

Chef Jacquie

333 Belrose Bar & Grill
333 Belrose Lane
Radnor, PA