Cookies!I am not a dessert eater or maker, but, boy do I love to bake and eat cookies during the holiday season. Some of my favorites include Oatmeal Raisin, Butter, Chocolate Chip, Fudge Crinkle, Sugar, Peanut Butter with Hershey Kiss, and Rugelach, not exactly in that order. I sort of resemble Cookie Monster this time of year!

This has become one of my children’s favorite events of the year, too, especially my daughter. By the end of the weekend we both smell like butter, sugar and vanilla…could be worse, I guess. A cookie exchange is always a lot of fun. How about inviting your family and friends over to bake cookies and exchange recipes? Make sure you bake enough for Santa! And face it, who doesn’t love homemade cookies as a hostess present. I love adding chocolates, homemade nougat and other holiday classics to the tray. Tie it up with plastic wrap, a bow and add a Taste 4 Travel gift certificate; you are ready to go!

Before you begin to bake gather all your ingredients, equipment, and recipes; there are a wide variety of ingredients, but only a few rules:

  • Always read your recipe first all the way through. This will give you pertinent information such as, preheating your oven, dividing ingredients or refrigerating your dough for a few hours before baking.
  • Make sure butter is room temperature.
  • Crack eggs, one at a time, in a smaller bowl. This is to make sure the egg has not gone bad before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.
  • Always mix your dry ingredients together, and then add your wet ones.
  • Don’t over mix; this causes toughness in the dough.
  • For uniformity in cookie size, use a melon ball scooper; they come in different sizes.
  • Wait one minute and then remove cooked cookies from cookie sheet and place on a cooling rack. Wait until completely cooled before removing from cooling rack or they crack and bend. Once cookies are completely cooled they are ready to package up.

To make your cookies extra festive pipe the edges with different colored icing. If you don’t have a pastry bag use a plastic zip locked sandwich bag. Place your icing in the bag and snip off the tiniest tip off one of the corners. If you want more pizzazz from your cookie, sprinkle colored sugars on top of the icing, perfect for the holidays!

Happy Baking from our Family to Yours!

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Chef Jacquie