Hey you, saucy taster, you!

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I’ve been busy whipping up brand-spanking-new

foodie adventures in Chestnut Hill!

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If you’ve never checked out everything Chestnut Hill has to offer, or you haven’t been there in a while, trust me, you’re missing out! This ain’t your grandma’s Chestnut Hill anymore!

Chestnut Hill has undergone a real cultural renaissance in the last five or so years—new restaurants with daring global cuisine, art installations and concert series in the park as well as my new favorite place to get a taste of everything—the new modern farmer’s market, The Market at the Fareway.

Summer is the perfect time to get out stroll, and this is the perfect locale for a trip with your family, your girlfriends, or your work team. I hope you join me on one of my foodie adventures where I’ll be unearthing the hidden gems of beautiful Chestnut Hill. You’ll take a bite out of “the planet’s greatest sandwich” (seriously, it’s trademarked, it’s that good) and sample gourmet cheeses and so much more at the best cheese shop in town. We’ll check out the Market at the Fareway to thrill your taste buds with some REAL Jamaican jerk and other mouthwatering international fare. I’ll tempt you with melt-in-your-mouth sticky buns and artisan chocolate and we’ll swing by the Chestnut Hill Brewery to check out what’s on tap.


Caution! You might fall in love and never want to leave…not a problem. You can check into the first-class service at the incredible boutique Chestnut Hill Hotel and stay a while.


http://sildenafil.accountant sildenafil 100 mg preise You can click right here to learn more about the tours.  

sildenafilo I can’t WAIT to see you in Chestnut Hill!