Pat and I

                                                                         Pat and I

I am so excited to share with you that I had the privilege of joining the fabulous Pat Nogar as a guest on the special Christmas episode of her show, Living Well With Pat Nogar!

The theme was Holiday Family Favorites…you know those dishes that are on your family’s table every holiday that you just can’t wait to dig into? You know what kind of food I’m talking about–and how one bite can take you right back to your childhood?


                                Here’s Pat doing her thing in the studio! Amazing.

For me, that’s Lasagne Verde.  Fresh spinach pasta smothered in homemade bolognese sauce, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, and creamy bechamel sauce. I’m telling you, this Green Lasagne recipe is going to change your life. From Bologna in Northern Italy, this recipe came down to me from my father’s mother and is specific to the region–it’s my family’s specialty and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. From my family’s table to yours this holiday!




Enjoy the show–I give some really super helpful tips on how to make it SO easy– you can also stream the episode right here!  or all month long on your local cable station (Comcast Channel 7 in Lower Merion).



Thank you, Pat, for welcoming me into your kitchen to share a recipe so close to my heart this season!

The warmest thank you to Pat for her invitation and for her beautiful photos of a great day and to Talluto’s for providing the fresh spinach pasta sheets I use in the recipe.  Want to pick up your own for your holiday meal?  Come with me for an adventure at the Italian Market !