Two glasses of champagne in Paris,

As promised, I have been organizing more of my favorite memories from this year’s culinary tour of France that will be happening all over again in 2019. It was such a wonderful time, and the plans are already in the works for next year’s exciting tour of food, wine and sightseeing our way through France. In case you missed click here to read Part One of my France trip blog.  Read on to see more plans for next year’s food-traveling experience!

Once we have rested in the countryside of Burgundy, we will return to Paris, the City of Light, for the second half of our trip – Part Deux! Our days and nights will be filled with action along with a quaint stroll through the fascinating, bucolic avenue of the Champs-Elysées. You will be one of the thousands to have walked and admired the wonders of historical buildings and monuments. It’s truly amazing.


Paris Eateries

A wonderful trail to follow will be walking in the footsteps of the beloved and talented chef, Julia Child. We will seek out one of her favorite Paris eateries, and we will sample some of the favorites bites of the French. “Steak-Frites” are a favorite, and there is an interesting history of these potatoes that will take you back to World War II. “Foie Gras” is very popular here, and you may want to try this French delicacy. You never know what French treats we will sample.





The history of France is as majestic as its culinary dishes and wines. We may experience the Moulin Rouge. Or, we may visit a truly historical site where once factories stood in the Middle Ages until one French Queen began its transformation to reflect that of royalty and beauty. We may pack a picnic basket filled with exquisite tastes and flavors to share upon the once royal Tuileries Garden. If all the whispers of the past could be heard as we walk these statuesque grounds, we would hear some of the most intriguing histories of Paris, France.

We cannot travel all the way to Paris without seeing the famous, picturesque wonders of this historic city. You get time to visit those famous landmarks that you may have only seen in pictures such as The Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Couer Basilica, Notre Dame and The Louvre. I have teamed up with a wonderful tour guide who will help us with our sightseeing tours. More information will be delivered as I get closer to organizing all the details.


Champagne Region

After we have dined and shared fine wines in Paris, we will head east to the rich, agricultural province of Champagne. A region famous for the sparkling and bubbling wines that have been poured to share endearing and congratulatory toasts at many special events and occasions.



Speaking of bubbles, we will be raising our glasses of champagne at private craft houses,  one which is famous for its invention of the “rummage table.” We will venture down into historical caves that were built in the days of the Romans and were eventually discovered to be the perfect storage for champagnes by the winemakers of France. It’s almost bone chilling to imagine the many footsteps that we will follow as we tour through such historical sites.

If you’re an avid foodie who loves to travel and discover wonderful foods and spirits while making new friends and great memories, I hope you will join me on my 2019 culinary tour to eat, drink, rest and repeat our way through France. Our festive adventure will depart on September 1, 2019, and we will be enjoying eight, unforgettable days in France.

I’m always happy to talk about food and travel with friends, old and new. I hope to be sharing French cuisine and toasting fine wines with you.


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