Baby It's Cold OutsideBrrr…winter has finally arrived.   According to Wikipedia, Americans eat over 2.5 billion bowls of soup each year. No wonder, soup is an elixir, a one pot meal and can include anything you want from veggies to meat.  You can even make your own baby food, just puree the soup, it’s so much better than anything in a jar.

Most soups are served hot and some can be cold, as in Vichyssoise and Gazpacho.  Soup has been revered for its healing properties by Bubbes (Jewish grandmothers).  In fact, there is scientific proof that chicken soup does help cure the common cold. The hot liquid relieves sinus discomfort.

I started making a pot of soup a few minutes ago…Potato Leek soup to be exact.  Click here for recipe.  Did you know that potatoes were first domesticated between 8000-5000 BC in Peru?  They were introduced to Spain in 1534, and declared a cure for impotency; subsequently, potatoes were planted in Idaho around 1838.  It is a starch and contains potassium, vitamins and other minerals.

Leeks are a vegetable which have a mild onion taste. Egyptians worshipped leeks and it was part of their daily diet. According to folklore, eating leeks protects you from harm.

I have a glass of red wine in one hand, stirring the pot with the other and listening to Dean Martin…ahhh life is good!


Chef Jacquie

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