A Day at the Beach!You can almost smell the coconut suntan lotion, the salty water…everything that makes the perfect day at the beach!

A friend came to visit us down the shore, and we decided to pack a small portable insulated cooler filled with goodies to take to the beach.

She made sandwiches: tuna salad wraps, hummus and grilled veggie wraps, leftover chicken cutlets with spinach and provolone cheese on Italian rolls. The sides were great, too; cubed cheeses, sliced salami and taro root chips – they come in such great colors nowadays. To keep everything cold, we froze four bottles of water the night before and packed sandwich sized bags with frozen grapes; which make perfect ice cubes for drinks and to flavor plain water.

We even had cocktails on the beach – vodka with pineapple and pomegranate juice, yummy!

Two things I could do without on the beach: the sand and the Ocean City Beach Patrol – they are tenacious, but gracious. Lastly, what makes a day at the beach so much fun is when the fudgy wudgy man arrives! What’s your favorite? Mine is a mango fruit bar! Two on Sunday!!

If you have any favorite ideas for the beach, send them to me!