A Beautiful Day at the Market!I knew it was going to be a scorcher on Saturday at the Bryn Mawr Farmers’ Market, reaching 92 degrees! Thank goodness for the occasional breeze through our tents. I can tell you, it did not diminish foot traffic at the market; it was hectic, but who could blame them? We are in the height of produce season. All fruits and vegetables are at their optimum, full of flavor and juicy.

As I strolled through the market, looking for the best produce to incorporate into my demonstrations, I came across a new and unfamiliar ingredient at Herbal Springs Farmstead. (447 Brossman Rd., Ephrata, PA, 717-733-3438) Bright colored Swiss chard, the stems were beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and pink, so fresh and tender you could eat it raw. It was suggested I add it to salads.

My next stop was at Livengood’s Family Farm (1648 Morningside Dr., Lancaster, PA, 717-327-6817); Farmer Earl is a kind and generous person. When I arrived at the market, Earl already had assembled his second tent, which meant I did not have to assemble mine…thanks Earl! He had juicy tomatoes, beautiful soft and crispy lettuces like Red Leaf and Romaine and red/white/blue fingerling potatoes. It was a great touch for the holiday week.

I found a new vendor at the market, J & J Home Gourmet; they are purveyors of maple syrup and pure vanilla extract, made with Madagascar vanilla beans. I introduced myself and received a sample of pure vanilla extract. Meanwhile, I kept thinking, vanilla vinaigrette. I must have been thinking out loud because a member of the Taste 4 Travel community answered, “How about peaches, blueberries or apricots?” That was exactly what I was thinking! She giggled and said, “Turn around.” I hadn’t gotten as far as the next tent where there was a large sign, Frecon Farms (501 S. Reading Ave., Boyertown, PA, www.freconfarms.com) – peaches everywhere, beautiful, ripe and fragrant.

With only a few stalls left I stopped at Shellbark Hollow Farm (www.shellbarkhollow.com), the lovely ladies thought their aged Crottin de Chevre cheese would be best to pair with a salad.

I returned to my table as fast as I could. I was inspired. I began by cleaning my produce three times and preparing the remaining ingredients for my demonstration. I decided to make a Red Leaf and Bibb lettuce salad with diced peaches, Swiss chard, crumbled aged goat cheese, and vanilla champagne vinaigrette; light and refreshing. As an alternative, at home, grill ripe peaches to add some smokiness and a deeper layer of flavor. Click here for recipe.

I also prepared tomato bruschetta with the addition of baby onions from Two Gander Farm (92 Covered Bridge Rd., Oley, PA, 610-812-2582) and lemon marinated Crimini mushrooms from Davidson Exotic Mushrooms, Kennett Square, PA; which was well received.

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