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With our creative collaboration, we WON the judges’ choice award! We’re a great team!

chef-jacquie-chef-luke-palladino-diner-en-blanc-preview.jpgWhat a fun time we had hanging out with Chef Luke Palladino… For this event, they brought in the three caterers that will be featured at Dîner en Blanc and each presented a preview of their food in anticipation of the evening to come.  I can’t wait to see what Chef Luke serves up with for the main event in August!

Of course when I see my buddies—he owns a restaurant on East Passyunk Ave—we have to hang out.  I can’t say enough good things about this guy and his food.  If you haven’t tried Chef Palladino’s food, get your butt into one of his restaurants this summer.

chef-jacquie-winning-table-diner-en-blanc-closeup.jpgSpecial thanks to Zoya Eagon for donating her time and talents to create my hat for the event and for the display! Many thanks to the fabulous co-hosts of DEB Philadelphia, Natanya Dibona and Kayli Moran, who announced the date Tuesday night!

I have no idea where we’ll be, but I hope to see you on the evening of August 18th, with your whites on!




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